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Stamped Concrete: Versatility and Beauty

Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials. It can be used for an incredible variety of projects — from driveways to sculptures. While it is possible to attempt an overlay as a DIY project, creating the perfect floor — complete with color, texture, and polish — is more complex than it might seem. Rather than investing time, money, and effort into a costly botched attempt, trusting to the experts at Renew Crew will lead to spectacular results the first time.

Stamped patio with black and white squares

Save Time with Self Leveling Concrete Overlay

If you want to maximize results on a tight timetable, a self leveling concrete overlay may be in your future. This highly effective material can be especially useful in areas where use and wear have taken their toll, resulting in uneven surfaces — like in an old basement, a lobby area, or a frequently-used hallway. Not only can it help to even out the surface; it does so very quickly. From the time it hits the floor, workers have only about twelve minutes to place and finish the product.

Stamped concrete by Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas

Replace or Resurface?

If your concrete walkway, driveway, or patio are looking worn and cracked and beyond saving with a good cleaning, you might think that the time has come to replace the whole thing. But, wait! You have another option available! Resurfacing your concrete can breathe new life into aging surfaces. Whether the sidewalk leading to your front door is an accident waiting to happen, or the floor of your patio looks like a giant spiderweb; Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas is here to help! Not only can we apply a resurfacing agent to level out the space and restore it, we can add texture and color. We’ll even coat it with a sealant to protect your project and keep it fresh and pristine for years to come!

Stamped concrete

Update Your Driveway

Looking to add some pizazz to your parking? A quick and effective idea would be to put an overlay on your driveway. Change the color, change the texture, change the whole look; or simply even out cracks. Another way to add some oomph to your exterior is to choose a stamped overlay. This is a simple way to entirely change the look of an environment. Whether you choose from a variety of cobblestone patterns, one that resembles slate, a distressed stone look, or one that resembles fanned cobblestone paths; this is one easy tweak that makes a big impact.

stained driveway

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