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Renew Crew


Renew Crew’s 3 step process is dedicated to cleaning your log cabin without the classic abrasive solutions. No chlorine here, just eco-friendly ingredients to thoroughly cleanse your cabin to perfection. With our foamy solution, dirt, mold and mildew have no hope. This solution doesn’t just spread completely over the surfaces of your cabin; it also clings to every crevice and element that is damaging to your wood. By using our controlled pressure washing system, the gentle rinse completely removes the foam and all the adhered elements, leaving your log cabin cleaner than it’s every been.

Cedar Siding Cleaning and Protecting
Cedar Home Cleaning and Sealing


We know your desire to maintain that gorgeous wood color, and with our 3 step system, the color of your wood won’t fade with time or damage. Our foam solution cleans beautifully, but there’s more! Our perfected sealant contains UV-blocking properties, allowing your log cabin to glisten in the sun without the damage the sun might cause. Additionally, by creating a barrier between your wood and the elements that damage it (like dirt, mold and mildew), you can enjoy your log cabin’s wood color for many more years.


Renew Crew doesn’t seal your wood just to maintain beautiful color; protecting your wood is also a key component of our service. By blocking the UV rays, mold and dirt, your wood will be protected from gouges that dirt buildup can cause and mold that could eat away at the wood beams. Don’t trust us just to clean your wood for its gleaming results; choose us to maintain the life of your wood. Contact us today for your Northwest Arkansas log cabin cleaning, and look us up in the surrounding areas: Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville and Rogers.

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