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Garage and Shop Floor Coating

For the amount of abuse we give our garage floors, we rarely give them the attention they deserve. Small cracks can lead to more severe ones as weather and temperature fluctuation take their toll. Natural wear; inevitable spills, skids, and scrapes all add up. Consider giving that worn surface some love and finishing your garage or shop floor.

Garage and Shop Floor Coating

Epoxy Finish is Durable

With an epoxy coating, you are not only protecting your floor with an incredibly durable finish, but completely revitalizing the space. Instead of the stained interior to which you’re accustomed, you can open your door to a cleaner, more professional-looking space. Garages and shops are becoming more than just a place to park — often doubling as workshops, storage units, and multipurpose rooms. An epoxy finish to your cement floor will make it resistant to chipping, skid marks, and stains. The next time your lawn mower leaves tell-tale trails of oily gunk or driving in winter weather leaves puddles of slush and road salt, you don’t have to worry about the consequences to your floor. The stains can be cleaned up with a mop and the salt chunks swept up with a broom when dry, all with no damage to your floor.

Garage floor epoxy

But surely, normal paint isn’t that strong!

We’re glad you pointed that out! That’s because an epoxy garage floor coating isn’t paint. It’s a super-durable resin comprised of one part epoxide resin and one part polyamine hardener. When mixed, the hardener causes a chemical reaction, which gives the product its strength. The resulting polymer is incredibly durable and forms very tight bonds to properly prepared surfaces. It is much thicker than paint and cures, rather than dries. While there are latex acrylic garage floor paints available which have a small percentage of epoxy mixed in for added strength, these are a separate product from the sealant and are not nearly as tough.

Finished garage floor, painted and textured

Durability and New Look

Even though it’s not paint, the epoxy finish can give your space a bright, new look. Epoxy finishes usually have multiple coats and layers for extra durability, as well as to add a texture and color to your floor. Whether you’re looking more for a polished, simple color; or a granite-like, glossy floor; an epoxy finish for your garage or shop is a bold, strong choice to turn your storage space into a showplace.

If you want to give your garage or shop floor durability and/or a new look, contact Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas for more information!

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