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Deck Cleaning in Fayetteville Ar

To keep your deck looking clean and beautiful, proper deck cleaning is essential. With time, dirt, mold and mildew can fade and destroy the surface of your deck. Your usual go-to power washing team might not be your solution for deck cleaning in Northwest Arkansas. These efforts can cause even further damage to your deck, defacing and stripping the wood of its gorgeously stained qualities. Looking for an affordable solution that cleans and protects your decking? Renew Crew is your answer.

Deck Cleaning

The Value of Counting to 3

With 3 simple steps, Renew Crew cleans and seals your deck to remove damage-causing elements and
further protect from future buildup. Here’s how it’s done:

Foam – This foamy solution has been perfected by a 20 year relationship with chemists. The ingredients in this foam allow it to soak in and attach itself to the elements damaging your wood decking. We manage to do this without the use of chlorine, making sure no bleaching effects are left behind.

Rinse – Rather than power washing at high pressure, we used a controlled power washing system that ensures a damage-free result. This rinse carries our professional solution off your deck, carrying dirt, mold and mildew along with it.

Seal – The sealant our chemists have created give your deck the power of UV protection. Don’t let that glorious sunshine steal your decking joy; our polymer mix penetrates through the wood, ensuring an enduring protection. This sealant also protects against the elements you find yourself cleaning away every few months, allowing you to call us less often than your regular deck cleaner.

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