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Renew Crew

Concrete Cleaning in Northwest Arkansas

Cleaning your concrete surface can protect your investment and make it look new again. Did you know that pressure washing could also damage it if done improperly? Trust our experience and know-how to safely make your concrete surface like new.

Concrete Cleaning and Protecting
Concrete Before and After a Renew Crew Clean

Get it Right the First Time

Renew Crew knows what it takes to keep Northwest Arkansas concrete buildings and decks clean and free from damage. Since concrete can be easily ruined with just one spray of a pressure washer, we maintain a 3 step process that avoids high-pressure cleaning needs.

The first step is our professional-grade foam solvent. This foam spreads and fills all cracks and crevices to ensure a complete coverage. It addition to this coverage, it adheres to the elements that are causing your concrete to age: dirt, mold and mildew. The next step is a gentle rinse, allowing the foam, and the elements attached to your concrete, to be washed away easily.

No harsh pressure or scrubbing needed! The last step is our highly-protective sealant, designed to resist UV rays that can fade your concrete surfaces. Additionally, our concrete sealing protects against buildup of dirt, mildew and mold, allowing you to call upon the Renew Crew services less frequently than ever before.

Concrete Sealing
Renew Crew Concrete Sealant Forms a Barrier

Quality is Our First Priority

We want to make sure your concrete surfaces are cleaned and sealed to perfection, allowing them to stay beautiful for many years. Renew Crew takes care to ensure a quality finished product, also taking notice of the surrounding landscape. Since high-pressure can damage your greenery, our controlled pressure system is even more effective for helping your business stay professional.

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