Renew Crew

Deck and Fence Staining to Enhance Your Outdoor Living

Transform your outdoor spaces with deck and fence staining from Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas. We combine the power of deep-cleaning with the beauty of wood staining to create a stunning display on your property. Whether you have a small yard or a complete outdoor entertainment room, we will make your wood shine like new.

It All Starts with a Deep Deck or Fence Cleaning…

Before we put a single drop of stain on your deck or fence, we need a good foundation. The process starts with our famous 3-Step Process to deep clean your wood. Using powerful pre-soak foam, we will loosen dirt and grey wood fibers that make your decking and fencing look old and worn. Then we go over the area with a gentle but effective power washer to blast away the grime without hurting the structural integrity of the wood. The end result is a stronger, better-looking fence or deck that is ready to absorb the stain we put on it. Your wood stain will look as crisp and clean as possible, enhancing the grain and maximizing the transformation.

deck stained by Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas

Get the Perfect Stain for Your Deck and Fencing

You can select whatever color you want for your deck stain. Our wood treatment experts will work with you to determine which colors best complement the existing features in your home or yard. The natural color of your wood will also impact how the stain displays when we are finished with the process, so we will let you know what kind of results you can expect from our work. Together, we will select the perfect stain for your deck or fence.

Preserve the Stain with Professional Wood Sealant

The final step in our deep cleaning process involves a protective sealant that keeps your wood looking great as long as possible. After we are finished staining your wood, we will apply that same sealant to maximize the lifetime of the stain. Sun rays, snow piles, rain and heavy winds don’t stand a chance against Renew Crew deck and fence sealant, so you can enjoy your gorgeous yard for years to come.