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Renew Crew Wood Cleaning Services

Wooden structures like decks, porches, fences and wooden siding are particularly prone to the elements. Wind, sun and rain can cause unrelenting damage to our wooden structures and fixtures, causing warpage, fading, and discoloration due to mold and mildew. Over time, warping and dry rot can actually compromise the structural integrity of your outdoor wooden structures, making them unsafe for use by our friends and family. The best way to ensure that this does not happen is to take steps to clean and protect your outdoor wooden structures using Renew Crew’s 3-Step wood cleaning process.

Deck Pressure Washing by Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas

Sustainable Deck Cleaning and Fence Cleaning Services

If you want to keep your deck, fence, or porch looking like new, Renew Crew’s wood cleaning services are a must. Renew Crew uses a gentle yet effective 3-step cleaning process that includes a foam cleaning treatment, controlled pressure wash and advanced polymer sealant to clean, restore and protect your wooden structures naturally and safely for years to come. Our cleaners are not only gentle and effective, they are also environmentally sustainable, never made with harsh chemical cleaners like bleach that can actually damage the wood on your pool deck or patio. Renew Crew’s patented foam cleaners and polymer sealants clean and protect your outdoor wooden structures in a gentle and environmentally friendly way.
h2. Rebuild or Renew?

Wood cleaned by Renew Crew

Many people think that they have to rebuild their outdoor wooden structures to get them looking like new again, but in many cases you can save yourself a lot of money by hiring Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas to deep clean and restore them. Renew Crew’s deck cleaning and fence cleaning services will clean and protect your pool deck, porch, or fence, making them look like new for years to come. Contact Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas for more information on wood cleaning services in the Rogers and Springdale areas.