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Concrete Staining

Now Available! Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas will enhance the look of your concrete with our concrete stain. Contact the team today!

Renew Crew Concrete Stain around a beautiful inground pool

Concrete staining is a fast and simple way to turn your dull gray patio or other concrete surface into a colorful, inviting space. From a simple tinted seal to a solid color, changing the look of your concrete can help it to better match with the rest of your home and make it a place you’ll want to have people over to enjoy. Since we use stains that also protect, you’ll also be extending the life of your concrete surface.

When we arrive to begin the project, the area being stained gets a thorough cleaning and degreasing in order to remove all the grime that has accumulated over time. We use a unique foam to soak out the deepest stains and then apply a gentle power wash to clean your concrete without gouging your concrete. We will then measure, mark and stain your patio in the design of your choice.

If you’re not sure what will be best for your space, we can help. With more than 20 years of experience, our crew can guide you through the decision-making process on which design will work best for you and your property while still keeping your budget in mind.

Concrete Stained by Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas

There are several pattern, design and color options to chose from to make your patio unique to you. The end result will not only look distinctive and alluring but it will not change the integrity of your patio, in fact, it will help to protect your surface from stains and grime for many years to come.

We also do more than patios. We can stain a nice band around your in ground pool, not only making the barrier between solid ground and water easier to see, but also giving your pool a distinctive look that is all your own.

Take your concrete or paver patio to the next level! For a free quote and more information on how Renew Crew can turn your concrete into a unique piece you’ll be proud to show off, call us today at 479-659-9663.