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Renew Crew Concrete Cleaning Services in Bentonville

The best way to keep all of the concrete fixtures on your property well preserved and new looking is to hire Renew Crew’s professional concrete cleaning services. Unlike other cleaning companies who use high pressure cleaning equipment to blast your concrete clean, often causing pock-marks and other damage in the process, Renew Crew uses a patented 3-step pressure cleaning process that will get all of the concrete fixtures on your property looking like new. Don’t settle for simple pressure washing. Instead, call Renew Crew for industry leading concrete cleaning and preservation services.

Renew Crew’s 3-Step Process Makes the Difference

Concrete Cleaning in Bentonville AR

While the average pressure washing company blasts your concrete with toxic cleaning chemicals, often damaging your concrete and destroying much of the surrounding landscaped foliage, Renew Crew takes a different approach. Renew Crew uses a 3-step controlled pressure cleaning process that thoroughly cleans and protects your property without harming any of your foliage.

Here’s how it works:

1) We begin by treating your concrete with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly foam cleaner that will get all of the built-up dirt, oil, mildew and mold out of all of the hard to reach cracks and crevices.

2) Next we rinse the concrete with a controlled pressure wash, thoroughly cleaning your concrete without causing any damage, guaranteed.

3) Last we seal your concrete with an environmentally sustainable polymer sealant that will keep your concrete looking brand new for years.

Sealed concrete keeps out the moisture - Renew Crew Sealed

Make Your Old Concrete Look Like New

When you hire Renew Crew concrete cleaning services to clean and protect your sidewalks, driveway, walkway or concrete patio, our industry-leading cleaning process will remove built-up dirt, oil and grime, as well as seal and protect your valuable concrete, keeping it looking like new for many years to come. To learn more about all of the ways Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas can clean, restore and protect the concrete fixtures on your Bentonville property, give us a call today.